Transform Your Mobile Gaming Business

With the power of the cloud

Harness the power of the cloud to grow your business in new dimensions and make it more efficient., Inc’s cloud technology unleashes transformative forces for the mobile gaming industry that impact the way game developers traditionally do user acquisition and engage with platforms – all at a fraction of cost. Our breakthrough distributed and real-time cloud technology reduces the cost of the cloud 100x, making cloud gaming commercially viable for game developers.
Dramatically Increase Game Discovery Surface Area
With, Inc. gameplay can be embedded anywhere - in gaming portals, discussion forums, game developer websites, PC/Mac launchers, YouTube and Twitch. This shifts the paradigm for game developers, dramatically increasing the surface area for game discovery.
Decouple Platform From Payments, Inc. delivers a multi-platform service for every mobile game, enabling high margin Web-based payments and the decoupling of gameplay platforms from payments. This reduces the 30% platform tax and makes the business radically more healthy.
Multi-Platform Service With Cross Play
Cloud enables instant multi-platform service with cross play for mobile, cloud native and Web3 games. Gamers can click and instantly jump to a deep experience in the game.